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Штаны с лямками PYTHON LONG JOHN MAN 5MM

Штаны с лямками PYTHON LONG JOHN MAN 5MM
Идентификатор товара: 5792; Артикулы: 0010023007055A; Производитель: apnea
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En: • Models: LONG JOHN 5MM. • Outer lining: nylon elastic Ultraflex with an innovative and exclusive camouflage design Seac carried out on computer that offers a perfect decomposition of the image. • Lining: smooth open cell "CELL" open. • External seams: "blind stitching" double thread type. High resistance to abrasions. Internal glued to prevent any kind of infiltration. • Anatomical cut: designed to privilege the circles in order to obtain a breath without obstacles. Arms and legs: pre-formed and pre-inclined. • Jackets: hooded incorporated. Tail of Beaver with clip button closure. Supratex sternum protection. • Materials: jackets and pants Skin Camu are in super elastic neoprene. Reinforcements on knees and elbows in Rubber Coated high strength. Size: M


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