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Гидрокостюм J60 (куртка + штаны) 5мм

Гидрокостюм J60 (куртка + штаны) 5мм
Идентификатор товара: 6414; Артикулы: SPWE515GPS, SPWE515GPM, SPWE515GPL, SPWE515GPXL, SPWE515GPXXL; Производитель: omer
Цена: 18261 руб.
Общая стоимость:
15 000 руб.
Условия доставки
по Санкт-Петербургу - бесплатно от 2 000 руб.
по России - по тарифам транспортной компании.

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En: JACKET + PANT Smooth exterior open cell wetsuit. Jackets are available in 5, 6.5 and 8.5 mm versions. Trousers in 5 and 6.5 mm. The neoprene used guarantees great comfort due to its excellent elasticity. The neoprene that has been used reduces the compression of the wetsuit in deep waters. The jacket is equipped with chestpad reinforcement, rubberized elbows and lined areas on the ears to prevent the annoying suction effect. Closure is guaranteed by double clips. Pants have lined and rubberized inserts on their knees to make them more durable. Jackets and trousers are sold separately. Sizes range from S to XXL. Sizes:

En name: J60 jacket+HW pants 5mm

Аналоги Гидрокостюм J60 (куртка + штаны) 5мм