Снаряжение для подводной охоты и дайвинга
с доставкой из Европы
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Идентификатор товара: 7008; Артикулы: FE358500, FE358400, FE358300, FE358200, FE358100; Производитель: cressi
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8 800 500-99-15

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по России - по тарифам транспортной компании.

Ru: Традиционная рукоятка «Comanche» сочетается с современной головкой для двойной круговой подвески.

En: Comanche was the world champion spear gun in 1988, 1992 and 2004, and still today it is fantastic, reliable and very precise. A favorite among sport fishermen who demand impeccable performance, zero problems and a minimum level of sophistication from their spear guns every time. This proverbially ergonomic and versatile butt is suitable for every type of fishing and shooting from any position. Smooth and fast coupling of the rod and cassette mechanism, tough, reliable and compatible with all types of shafts, tolerant of different heights, finishings and machining. Integrated, discreet and effective automatically retractable double loop line located on the corner between the trigger guard and the base of the barrel. The handle is in anti-slip thermoplastic silver-gray rubber so it is discreet yet visible on the seafloor. Load assist, bayonet reel-anchoring system, 4 different line hooks. Integrated low-friction guide on Ø28mm diameter barrel in anticorodal aluminum with very rigid circular section, which offers a good compromise between structural resilience, low production costs and ease of movement in every direction underwater. It is therefore a very manageable, agile and multipurpose spear gun. New very compact, minimalist and hydrodynamic muzzle designed to minimize band erosion in this delicate area. Dual band possible. The band hook area was designed so that the traction is perfectly aligned with the barrel. The visibility offered by the muzzle is excellent and aiming is precise, fast and intuitive. The simple stainless fairlead for the rope or nylon is resistance, completely rounded and integrated in the muzzle. Fast band S45, high quality in pure black latex, Ø18 mm in diameter and pure Dyneema wishbone with 360 kg resistance. Assembly with pure Ø1 mm Dyneema and Abellán Articulated Wishbone. Shaft in 16 4 PH tempered steel, 7 mm in diameter. Dark top coat. Measurements: 75, 90, 100, 110, 120 cm.