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En: Cressi Antifog Gel Spray for Mask and Goggles has been specifically designed as anti fog protector for diving and swimming masks, although it's also effective over any other glass surface (windscreen's inside, bath mirrors, vision goggles, etc.). Its jelly texture allows a precise dosing. The texture helps with the elimination of the glass grease coating. This Alcohol free Anti-fog Gel from Cressi is ideal for use with scuba diving and snorkelling masks. Keep some Cressi Anti-Fog with your dive or snorkelling gear to apply prior to going scuba diving to help prevent build up of condensation on the inside of your mask. The Cressi Anti-Fog Gel in this handy size is easy to apply and will help prevent condensation from ruining your view. Alcohol Free Due to its neutral pH (7.0) and its components null irritability, the Cressi Anti fog Gel is perfect for surfaces used near the eyes. Its base is deionised water and it doesn't have any kind of organic solvent (isopropyl or ethylic alcohol, glycol, etc.), because in diving conditions they could evaporate and affect the ocular fluids and surface of your eyes. Applied correctly (following the directions) the gel creates a protector coat that avoids the condensation of micro drops over the surface where it has been used. Its low concentration of surfactants, incorporated with silicone, extends its effectiveness during 2 hours approximately (depending on conditions). As the Cressi Anti-fog Gel Spray is formulated, it's the perfect combination between effectiveness and use safety, for diving and swimming activities. 30 ml container with defog spray. Directions: A quick squirt of this Anti-Fog Gel on the inside and outside of your lenses, wait and then rinse off. This will help to reduce condensation build up in your diving or snorkelling mask. Read the instructions prior to use. Composition: Anionic surfactant 1: .1-5% Anionic surfactant 2: .<1% Non ionic surfactant: <1% Silicone: .<1% Preservative: .0.1% Deionised water: q.s.

En name: ANTIFOG GEL 30ml

Аналоги ANTIFOG GEL 30ml