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Идентификатор товара: 6634; Артикулы: IC741300, IC741301, IC741302, IC741303, IC741304; Производитель: cressi
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En: Carbon combines traditional structure with notable buoyancy, due to its unique waist-length shape, larger wings and cylindrical spacers inside the chamber. It is extremely hydrodynamic, making it a jacket with an unusual relationship between buoyancy / stowing volume / ease of movement underwater. It is a light, durable, comfortable, affordable and well-balanced model with large capacity pockets. This jacket integrates the 2.0 version of the weight LOCK AID SYSTEM, safe and easy to manage with a lighter structure so it can be used without weights, too. It is fully ergonomic and intuitive; easy to use even with eyes closed. On the back of the jacket, two weight pockets ensure perfect weight distribution in line with the tank. Backpack as compact as possible for exceptional lightness. Ultra-durable and semi-flexible material. Thermoplastic rubber damper for enhanced tank anchoring. Double waistband strap available. Safety strap included to anchor the jacket to the valve. New anchoring flap for the inflator hose in thermoplastic rubber with embossed logo. New low contour top release valve with check valve to prevent accidental water infiltration. Fully equipped with accessories: adjustable elastic waist strap completely independent of the air bladder, attractive cushioning of the neutral buoyancy backpack, light trapezoidal alloy rings with an angular design and "Y” hose holder. Technical features: Material: nylon 420 Deniers reinforced with Cordura 2 spacious zipper pockets Integrated weight Lock Aid System 2.0 2 back weight pockets Traditional Cressi semi-rigid shoulder pads Adjustable elastic waist strap, independent of the air bladder 3 dump valves 4 trapezoidal stainless accessory rings 2 “Y” hose holders Great buoyancy: 15.3 Kg size M

En name: CARBON B.C.'D

Аналоги Жилет CARBON