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Ru: Drake - это революционный дайвинг-компьютер, который не только дает информацию о глубоких погружениях, но и с его специальными четырьмя программами, он также может помочь дайверу в дайвинге с динамическим дыханием, стажировке под открытым небом и подводной рыбалке. Фактически, в своей операционной системе дайвер может выбирать между этими четырьмя программами: Программа PRO особенно подходит для дайвинга-пуристов и экстремальных дайверов. Кроме того, он обеспечивает скорость спуска, скорость всплытия и общую скорость, продолжительность спуска и подъема, «коэффициент времени» между временем погружения и временем поверхности (постоянно обновляется), средними данными и полезной функцией Рекомендуемого времени восстановления для безопасность, установленная пользователем для предотвращения Таравана. БЕСПЛАТНАЯ программа обеспечивает легкое чтение и доступ к данным. Он подходит для морской и подводной рыбалки и предоставляет необходимую информацию о наиболее заметной части дисплея. Ограничивая вспомогательные данные, характеризующие программу, PRO помогает дайверу сосредоточиться на более практических аспектах дисциплины. Программа DYNAMIC предназначена для тех, кто тренируется или практикует дисциплину горизонтально. Он имеет специальный счетчик танков и имеет возможность запоминать таблицы тренировок со временем, выраженным в приращениях или декрементах. Программа STATIC полностью контролирует статическое дыхание, как для обучения, так и для повышения производительности.

En: DRAKE TITANIUM is an advanced apnea computer designed, developed and produced 100% in Italy. Its construction is completely modular and is extremely rugged and reliable as it shares its base with the tried and tested Newton diving computer. Cressi has complete control over the quality of this product as it is wholly developed and manufactured by Cressi Elettronica, from the computer’s software programming to its construction and manufacturing, quality control and post-sales service. Beneath its modern and attractive watch-like appearance is hidden elaborate software with four different apnea programs and careful consideration of how to display information on-screen for it to be accessed rapidly and intuitively, taking into account multiple adjustable parameters and the large volume of information contained within. Its stainless steel, titanium and ABS anti-shock case allows for lightweight construction resistant to impact and wear. Even though its dimensions are small (Ø51mm in diameter), the visibility of digits on the screen is exemplary. The profile of the computer is extremely flat (maximum height 14 mm), with a completely rounded section without edges for a hydrodynamic design that prevents possible snagging. Even the wristband anchor conforms to the low profile of the case. The case has a spot-on design combining stainless steel with durable technopolymers. The four rounded buttons are low-profile, well-integrated with minimized clearance to ensure that the o-ring seal is watertight during perpendicular use and to prevent small particles or grains of sand from entering that could impact performance. Scratch-resistant mineral crystal extremely durable and protected by a rounded stainless steel crown. Bumpon transparent protector available (a standard unit). Wide-screen UFDS (User-Friendly Display System) measuring 35 mm in diameter with the case measuring 51mm. This provides the proverbial ease of navigation and Cressi computer menus. The information display, screen contrast, proportions and digit size have been carefully chosen for ease of use. All of the information presented is separated by light lines to facilitate reading even in stressful or emergency situations. Back-lit display activated by button or when alarm sounds. Menus and navigation system, with ease of reading, access to information and model parameter modification. Easy configuration, navigation through the various menus and access to a large amount of information displayed intuitively. Extended battery life through a combination of systems: battery saver mode when the computer is not used with automatic power-on, low-consumption processor and high-capacity CR2430 battery. The interface (optional) uses IR to connect to the diving computer and a USB cable for PC connection. Software compatible with all versions of Windows and with Mac. Gauge calibrated in salt water for maximum precision during typical use. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Four Functional Modes: STATIC, DYNAMIC, FREE and PRO 9 memories per mode to program 9 different alarm configurations. Complete alarm settings configuration: times, depths, the number of descents or pool series Acoustic and visual alarms, fully controllable REPS extension for STATIC and DINAMIC programs to create and store normal or incremental training tables Precision stopwatch with split time and lap time functions Salt water and fresh water settings The batter can be changed by the user LOG BOOK by session Three History functions containing static, dynamic and deep apnea logged data Ability to configure sampling time An exchange of the metric measuring unit (meters and °C) for the imperial system unit (ft- °F) can be done by the user PC/Mac interface with general information and dive profile (optional) OUTSTANDING FUNCTIONS: BATTERY CHANGE IS AT USER’S DISCRETION: Changing the battery in the new Cressi Drake apnea computer is simple and can be done by the user. Remove the two screws fastening the reverse side cover, the feed system attached to the same cover comes out easily. It is recommended that the o-ring be changed with every battery change (CR2430). Battery kits and o-rings are available at all Cressi distributors. RECOMMENDED RECOVERY TIME: The Free and Pro modes offer a new and interesting function, important for the prevention of accidents and decompression sickness as well as for deep underwater fishing, called Recommended Recovery Time. Drake is able to calculate the surface rest time recommended before beginning another dive, taking into account the number of descents, depth, and apnea time, and allowing an alarm to be set that marks this time. 9 ALARM SETTINGS BY DISCIPLINE: In all apnea modes: Static, Dynamic, and Free and Pro modes the alarms are adjustable and offer 9 different configurations that allow multiple trainings to be completed and recorded. Among these alarms (audio and visual) the following are worth mentioning: - Recommended recovery time alarms, according to dive times of descents made during the day - Dive number alarms - Dive time alarms - Recovery time alarms - Repetitive depth alarm (for example: every 5 meters) - 3 determined depth alarms (example: 15 – 25 – 40 meters) PC or MAC CONNECTION: Additionally, a complete LogBook with modern management software for PC (Window/Mac) is included that will allow apnea logs to be extracted. Descent information can be reviewed in detail and dive graphics can be analyzed. Drake features an intelligent display that always shows the most important information from each mode in the center of the screen.


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