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Гидрокостюм UP-W5 1,5мм

Гидрокостюм UP-W5 1,5мм
Идентификатор товара: 6531; Артикулы: UPWE051M2, UPWE051M3, UPWE051M4, UPWE051M5, UPWE051M6; Производитель: omer
Цена: 17854 руб.
Общая стоимость:
15 000 руб.
Условия доставки
по Санкт-Петербургу - бесплатно от 2 000 руб.
по России - по тарифам транспортной компании.

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En: Single-piece wetsuit designed for freediving competitions and training. It can be used both in swimming pools and in warm water. Black in color with golden and white finishes. Super stretch neoprene lined internally, it can be donned without the help of any lubricants. The neoprene is externally smooth this helps improve its hydrodynamics. Thanks to a thickness of just 1.5 mm, little weight is needed to compensate for the buoyancy of this wetsuit. The collar is smooth both internally and externally and adheres perfectly to the neck avoiding water flushing. The collar diameter is adjustable with an overlapped tear-off area. A zipper is positioned on the back of the wetsuit and its closure happens from bottom up using a nylon web pull. Underneath the zipper, a neoprene strip prevents water from entering once closed. All seams of this wetsuit were glued and then reinforced by internal blind stitching. This makes the external neoprene totally smooth and free of friction in water. Sizes:

En name: UP-W5 wetsuit 1,5mm

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